Sunday, October 21, 2007

XBOX 360 Withdrawal

It's Sunday evening. I should be playing videogames. But, instead, I'm sitting here, writing about how much I miss my XBOX 360. Fuck. I dropped it off at UPS Friday morning. As it sat on their counter, I looked at it, longingly. I put my hand on one of the corners of the box that held my prized gaming possession. I patted the side, and, without actually vocalizing it, I wished it a safe trip to Texas.

Microsoft better get that fixed quick. I'm thinking about calling them up and see if they can compensate my somehow for the time I'm missing (or wasting) on my XBOX Live membership. I'm paid up through April of '08, so if they can add some time to the end of my subscription to make up for this, it would be great. Or some Microsoft points so I can use it on their Live Marketplace would suffice as well. Something, anything, to instill a new sense of confidence in Microsoft . . . but then again, it's Microsoft. They'd as easily laugh at me and just tell me to stop bitching. But if enough people make a fuss, it would be in their interest to keep the masses happy.

But if they offer me a Zune, it will be I who will laugh in their corporate faces. Zune . . . pfft.


Jenn said...

The family is praying for you Jaime. May your beloved return to you soon!

Jaime said...

your support in this great time of need is truly appreciated.

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