Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Giselle Bundchen Vs Wedgie

Giselle Bundchen is a model. From Europe. Don't ask me exactly where from, because I don't bother much with details. All I know is that most people are of the opinion that she is hot, and therefore, follow her around, snapping pictures of her whenever possible. She is also dating a Football player . . . Tom Brady . . . I think? Who, until now, I thought was a long lost relative of "The Brady Bunch". Who cares. Here she is, cavorting poolside in a bikini, looking like models do in bikinis. Pretty good. And below, are pictures of Giselle fighting a persistent wedgie that is caught by the telephoto lens and fast shutter speeds of the awaiting paparazzi. Those people do noble work I tell you. It takes saint-like qualities to invade someone's privacy like this. Godspeed paparazzi. Godspeed . . .


Anonymous said...

This scene is hard 100%

Because not let TOM see your SON JOHN into their days off?

She captures what it is like a wolf

Early that afternoon at Gisele it is going to happen like it did to Bridget is going to be alone without the father of their children if they have them

Anonymous said...


Jaime said...

That was the most non-sensical comment I've ever received on a post.

And I think I get what you meant . . . but it's either something about Tom Brady's take on monogamy or you're explaining the order of the periodic table in ascending order.

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