Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cameron Diaz and Ass Hang Out

Changing gears to something less gruesome, here are pictures of Cameron Diaz, twirling around . . . I think, and hanging out with her ass exposed via upskirt. And no, the ass I'm talking about is not Ashton Kutcher, who is also in one of the pictures. I don't know what they're doing together . . . maybe Demi Moore let Ashton go out on a play-date with Cameron while she was running errands or something. Or, they could be on the set of a movie. Who knows, and more importantly, who cares. People who are into Cameron Diaz (God help you all) are just here to see her ass in the picture below, which, if you study it closely, would appear to be either clad in an invisible set of underpants . . . or with no underpants whatsoever! Speculate at your own will, and try to forget about the last post . . . At least this one's alive. For now.

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