Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pre-"Earl" Jamie Pressley Modeling Pictures

I used to like Jamie Pressly more than now. Maybe it's because she's become a sort of caricature of what she is, with that southern accent set to overdrive on that show I never watch on NBC . . . partly because I believe it to be insulting to my intelligence, but also because there's really no more space on my DVR to record more bad television. But, why is any of this important. All you are interested are in these early modeling pictures that Jamie Pressly did for some magazine called "Ultra", way back when she was not pulling in the big NBC bucks. Everyone has to start somewhere I guess. I'd say these pictures are testament to a pretty good start. I specially like the ones with the American flag-inspired bathing suit. So patriotic. Makes me feel proud to be going through the naturalization process.

Check out what Jamie Pressly did after these pictures on her IMDB page. Also, more nudie pictures can be found over at WWTDD, complete with way better witty commentary.

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