Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mac OSX: Leopard

If you've been thinking about switching from that piece of crap Windows based PC, to an Apple based operating system, I don't think there's a better time. I'm not making a sales pitch, but the new version of OSX is coming out in a couple of days, and from watching the preview over at the Apple website, it has totally blown my mind. Here I thought that my current Mac operating system was superior to that new Windows Vista system. Leopard just widens that gap. I could go on and on, but you can check out the video here. You'll need Quicktime, and a high speed connection. That page is for the large version of the video. I specially can't wait to mess around with "Time Machine" and "Spaces" . . . and the new "Finder" is so much better improved. But, I'm just rambling now. Leopard will come pre-installed with any new Mac computer you buy after 2 days from now. And hey, you can access the Apple store using that conveniently placed banner ad at the top of this blog. Hmm . . . how'd that get there anyway.

I guess I was making a sales pitch all along.

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