Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hayden Panettiere - Bikini Activist

Now this, is a little more like it. Someone that the world might actually care for, doing some good for a change. Hayden Panettiere wants to save the whales and dolphins in Japan. So, what's the best way to do that? Well, don a bikini to stop the Japanese fishermen from slaughtering the endangered animals of course. It would work for me. I mean, if I were out there, and the possibility of oggling the "Heroes" star came up, in a skimpy two-piece bathing suit, I'd totally forget about fishing. What's fishing anyway? Try to read the actual news story about this while you look at the pictures. Come on, I dare you.
Hayden Panettiere, star of TVs hit series Heroes, paddled out on behalf of Save The Whales Again! www.savethewhalesagain.com. She expressed that she felt the spirit of the dolphins who had been driven into the killing cove over the last 400 years.

We had a moment of silence for all the dolphins that had been killed here, said Panettiere, who uses her celebrity to protect dolphins and whales. It was highly emotional. I wished for peace and for no more pain at this beautiful yet tragic cove.

The Taiji fishermen, who defend the kills as part of their traditional fishing culture, had planned to stop the ceremony through force and police arrest. The possibility of a locally led resistance was averted by a dramatic last-minute turnaround. Rastovich was able to broker a meeting with area locals less than 12 hours before the paddle-out crew arrived unannounced at the killing cove.
So, to sum this up . . . The "killing cove" = bad. And I'm behind any cause that features a bikini-clad Hayden Panettiere. I actually think that bikini-clad Hayden Panettiere should run for President in the 2008 elections. It's just too bad that she doesn't meet the age requirements.

Maybe she could run for Mayor of In-my-pants-ville. Just a thought.


John McCain said...

I'd plug her blowhole any day of the week...

President Barack Obama said...

I would plunge my huge black dick into her tight white Californian asshole. I have a massive cumcannon, so I hope she's ready for all the dicksnot that'll be blown up her ass. Fuck the whales! Save the pussies!

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Jaime said...

I was not aware that there was a bipartisan effort to fuck Hayden Panettiere.

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