Thursday, October 11, 2007

Charlize Theron is Sexiest Woman

According to Esquire magazine that is. And you know, I don't disagree with them. I've liked Charlize Theron for quite some time. She's super hot, been in some movies that I enjoyed, and typically walks around bra-less . . . letting those cans of hers bounce around in relative freedom. What's not to like right? Sure, I've seen some pictures where she looked a little rough, and there was that whole "Monster" movie where she looked like crap . . . but that was all make-up effects. So, let's re-cap. No complaints about Charlize, totally agree with Esquire, and would like to see more movies with Theron in them walking around without any sort of mammary-support.

Except for "Aeon Flux" . . . that movie was total crap. But looking at the pictures in this post, I'd be willing to forgive and forget about that hour and a half I'm never getting back. I can't stay mad at you Charlize . . .

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