Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jessica Biel Butt-grabbed

Jessica Biel recently attended a football game recently, of the American kind, not that international sport that is actually spelled "futbol" . . . or soccer here in America. But, that's really not the interesting part at all. I know, you were probably all into that a moment ago. And now, you are expecting something even better. Well, then, all I have to offer is the shot below, of Jessica Biel's female friend totally grabbing her ass. In a show of female comraderie? I don't know. Lesbian tendency? Whose to say what this is all about. But there is one thing that is totally undeniable. Chicks grabbing other chicks' asses is always hot. That's like a fact of life. I think the saying goes . . . "There's nothing more certain than death, taxes, and chicks ass-grabbing each other being the epitome of hotness". I may have taken some liberties there with that saying . . . but that's how we roll here at BAFW.

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