Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kim Kardashian Playboy Pics

Kim Kardashian recently shot a pictorial for Playboy magazine that, according to initial sources, was supposed to be a little on the tame side. Just her bare ass and maybe one boob would be shown in the December issue of the popular men's magazine. Well, maybe they threw a little more cash at her, because these early leaked pictures are showing just a little more than that. In addition to the one boob and giant bare (could be bear as well . . . but shaved . . . haha, I said but[t], I should really end this extremely long parenthesized portion of the paragraph) ass, she's showing a little more. Maybe it's the attention whore in her that just blossomed during the photoshoot. Remind me again why this chick is famous? Why am I even taking the time to write up a post and put up some pictures of her? This is what people in the medical field would refer to as "temporary insanity" right? And why are you looking for pictures of this nobody that keeps trying to be somebody by being as assaulting us with her naked body every chance she gets?

All good questions, which your brain will most likely tune out while checking out the pictures below.

It wouldn't surprise me if Kim's next project is simulating sex with a donkey for Hustler magazine. You can tell she's kind of on that path already.

Edit: Yes, the pictures keep getting taken down, but I keep putting them back up. Why? Because I'm such a great guy and all. Where's my Nobel Peace Prize?

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