Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Memorial over @ WWTDD.COM

I don't know what to say about this . . . but WWTDD.COM has a post-mortem picture of Anna Nicole Smith taken shortly after she died, complete with vomit and pink highlights in her hair. Not exactly sure why they're posting it, and why it's not on Rotten.com, which is where I would have expected to see this . . . but oh well. I don't have the stomach to actually post it on my own blog, but there's the link. Click at your own risk. And make sure you make those reservations in hell while you're at it. Sometimes the interweb shows you too much. Also take the time to check out the funny guys who make comments. Classy redefined.


Anonymous said...

hahaha how revealing

how do u get those blue underlined things and all these adds

you must be getting major hits!!!

tell me how to get those underlined add though!!!


Jaime said...

sign yourself up using the link below.


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