Friday, October 26, 2007

Opening Weekend Movies - 10/26/2007

Dan in Real Life - All I know about this movie is that it has Steve Carell, who I am a big fan of. Ever since "The Daily Show", and then "The 40 Year Old Virgin" to his current stint on NBC's American adaptation of "The Office". And that is where my knowledge of this movie ends. It's sure to make a ton of money. Mainly because anything Carell touches lately turns into money. Which, might prove a problem when ever he tries to feed himself. Money, while great, does not usually taste all that good. If you don't believe, try it for yourself. Wether it's a $1 or $100 bill . . . chances are you're not going to enjoy it.

Saw IV - Really America . . . Another "Saw" movie. You know that it's all your fault that these movies keep coming out year after year. Will it ever end? These installments are churned out on the cheap by the movie studio, and then they make a gagillion dollars, and it just ensures that the never ending cycle of filmic abuse continues. Break free and reclaim your life. These movies are never going to be good. Don't hold on to the delusion that maybe this time it won't bitch slap you with it's celluloid dick all over your face and then call you a fatty. Because it will. It will never be different.

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