Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Don't Fuck Madonna, Madonna Fucks You

For once, I feel sorry for Guy Ritchie. That bag Madonna is holding contains something called "The Purple Penetrator". Look it up online. But, if you're lazy like me, then you're just hankering for some 'splainin'.
Strap it on and slip it in!! 6″ dildo with adjustable waist and back strap to fit all sizes. Comes with perfectly positioned vibrating bullett to give the wearer clitoral stimulation whilst pleasuring her mate!
Oh yeah, Madonna is into strap ons. And you know Ritchie is not putting this on in the front. He's already equipped with a actual flesh penetrator. No, this is for Madonna. I'll let your imagination figure out where this toy goes.

In Guy Ritchie's butt.

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