Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Who is that guy?" - Star Sighting

Yesterday, while picking up a couple of packages of taquitos at Trader Joe's, I saw a guy going through the aisles, and while I don't usually notice guys at grocery stores, this one I knew I had seen somewhere but I couldn't place him. I knew it was something to do with television, but for the life of me I could not remember what show this guy was on. I turned to Heather as we were walking down the frozen foods aisle and said: "When we turn this corner, take a look at the guy with the black shirt, and tell me where he's from". She looked at me and nodded, and as we turned the corner and made a pass by him, she took a good look at him.

We turned into another aisle, and as soon as we knew we were out of earshot, she turned to me and said. "Yeah, I know that guy . . . but where is he from?!" I replied with an "I know, that's why I was asking you to get a good look at him". We made our way to the register and kept trying to figure out who this guy was. On our way home, which was only a couple of blocks, we kept trying to figure out where we had seen this guy. We knew he was on a show, which we watch regularly, but still, we could not remember. When we got home, we still kept trying to figure it our. Heather even had me scour IMDB's photo archive to see if I could find him . . . but without a name, it's a near impossible task.

I had given up , but Heather's obsessive tendencies took control of her and she went through all the major network's websites, looking at the shows we like while I played a couple of levels of "Halo 3". An hour later, she gave up, fruitless in her efforts.

Later that night, as we were watching the premier episode of "Chuck" or this week's episode of "Eureka", I don't quite remember . . . out of nowhere, it dawned on Heather. This mystery guy from television, this guy we had spent most of our afternoon dwelling on, plays Joey Hendrickson on HBO's "Big Love". The show about polygamists living in Utah, which just had it's second season finale a couple of weeks ago. This totally relieved the both of us, because knowing our compulsive tendencies, we would have totally lost sleep over it. The guy's name is Shawn Doyle by the way, in case you were wondering. And yes, you should check out the past couple of seasons worth of "Big Love". It's a great show.

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