Friday, September 07, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Nude

Vanessa Hudgens may not be a household name as of yet . . . unless you're thirteen and watch the Disney Channel semi-religiously (or, if you're my ex-Marine younger brother, why does he watch that channel all the time?). In case you hadn't heard, there was this little made for TV movie called "High School Musical", which was a bit on the popular side. All the kids loved it. It was such a ratings monster for the cable channel that they went ahead and made a "High School Musical 2", because one wasn't enough. Now, I'm not sure if Disney will be keeping Vanessa Hudgens around for much longer. We've already seen what Disney did to the "Lost" cast members who got caught with DUI's. What would they do to a newly 18 year old, kiddie movie startlet who went ahead and took nude pictures of herself, that then leaked all over the internets? I'm thinking they'll just have her killed. This is also the chick that is dating the most effeminate guy ever, Zac Efron. I wonder where he was when this picture was taken. Probably looking through her make-up bag for some rad eye-shadow. That guy is so manly.

Oh yeah, this is totally NSFW, so, if you're system administrator comes knocking on your cubicle . . . it's your own damn fault for coming here while at work. You were probably just asking for it. Hope you have a good time at the unemployment line.

Edit: I would have posted this yesterday, but I needed to confirm this chick was actually 18. While I didn't actually do the legwork myself, I did see it posted on another site, and they said she was 18. So that's good enough for me.

Edit #2: As you can already see . . . the picture had to be taken down. Photobucket and lawyers. You know how these things go. But, here are a couple of other non-nude pictures that are perfectly spank-worthy . . . if you're into masturbating to Disney Channel starlets.

Don't ask me to send you the "good" picture. It's your own goddamn fault for being late to the "Vanessa Hudgens is naked" party. Go hang out with all the other nerds . . . nerd.


Anonymous said...

Totally didn't realize you had already posted this. I should have known you'd be on it.

Jaime said...

haha . . . do you want to see the "good picture" that was taken down by Photobucket?

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