Monday, September 24, 2007

Box Office Report - Resident Ka-Ching!

Resident Evil: Extinction - Taking the top spot this weekend, with $24 million, I did not think this movie would do as well as it did. I was expecting a modest box office take in the $10 million range, but it has surpassed my expectations. Which means, maybe when I go check it out in a couple of days, it will not disappoint my thirst for zombies and chicks engaging in acrobatic martial arts.

Good Luck Chuck - I was expecting this turd of a movie to make it to the top of the box office charts, but I guess America just isn't that into Dane Cook. It still raked in $14 million, but I'm thinking it was just people paying $10 to see Jessica Alba's dress ripped off to reveal some cute penguin undies. But they had shown that already in the commercials for this movie . . . so considered yourself suckered.

The Brave One - Jodie Foster's revenge gun porn movie is still hanging in there. It drops to #3 after being the top dog last week. And, it still does not garner any of my interest or attention. Maybe if they had Jessica Alba in penguin undies going on a vigilante streak it would piqued my interest . . . but as it is, I might catch it on cable.

3:10 to Yuma - This western I am actually interested in seeing, but I might just wait until the DVD release. Not because it looks bad, but rather because I am feeling specially lazy lately and I don't want to have to pay for this just now. It's doing pretty well without my patronage, so I'll leave it at that.

Eastern Promises - The commercials for this movie make it seem like a bore. Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortenson just don't have much of an on-screen chemistry going. But, on the flip-side (I can't believe I just used that term), it is directed by David Cronenberg, and his films are always crazy. Just recently he directed the commercially-successful movie "A History of Violence", which also starred Viggo. This one might be great as well. While not waiting for the DVD on this one, I might check it out at the discount theater in a month or two.

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