Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Hudgens Cover-Up

Wow, the 2nd picture Photobucket decided "violated their tems of service" wasn't even a nude picture. It was the one that had her pulling her panty down a little, but didn't even show a hint of bush. Unlike the first picture that surfaced. She might need to trim a little down there. You know, with like a weed-whacker. But there is still one picture up, which I'm sure will be taken down eventually. I could distribute them all over the internets via e-mail (which works like magic), but who even cares about this 18 year old, Disney Channel starlet who's only claim to fame is being in a couple of musicals? Oh yeah, her lawyers. This reminds me a little of the time that topless pictures from that Jennifer Aniston movie from the full screen DVD version were leaked on the internets. Lawyers were all over that one quick.

It's not our fault that things like this end up here? Why do we have to pay the price? Letting them on the internet should be their punishment. Hudgens took the pictures, then let them loose on the web. Aniston didn't actually have to be topless when they were filming that scene. It's just ridiculous. Fucking pansy shit-heads.

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