Friday, September 21, 2007

Opening Weekend Movies - 9/21/07

Good Luck Chuck - You might be a little confused with the marketing for this movie. When I first saw a trailer for this a few months ago, it was all about Dane Cook and every woman he sleeps with finding their true loves after he slept with them. Which causes problems for him when he falls for Jessica Alba. More recently, the marketing for this switched to Dane Cook falling for Jessica Alba, and the only problem is that Jessica Alba's character is really accident prone. And now . . . they're marketing it both ways. At the same time. So, wether or not it is confusing as all shit, you still should not go watch this. It looks like a turd of a movie.

Resident Evil: Extinction - The "Resident Evil" movies have been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. They have zombies, and they're based on a video game, but they're not all that great. Definitely not Romero-worthy, but . . . it's still zombies. So, I'll probably go check it out sometime in the near future and then buy the DVD. I don't know why. It is just bound to happen. I have the first two, so I might as well get it . . . right?

Sydney White - Amanda Bynes remakes "Snow White" . . . set in a college sorority, and hilarity ensues? Maybe not. Amanda Bynes movies are for the tween-crowd, which I think I passed up during my early developmental years. I don't also watch the Disney Channel every single day. That, and I'm not a girl, so therefore I am genetically predisposed to not be interested in this movie whatsoever.

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