Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Halle Berry Knocked Up

After weeks worth of speculation (really . . . people were really wondering for that long?), it has finally been revealed that Halle Berry is pregnant. With a baby? Yes, a baby. Some might think that waiting until you are 41 to conceive a child might be pushing it a little, but when you are as hot as Halle Berry, you have to milk your looks for as long as you can. Now that she's past 40, and there are other hot(ter?) celebrities out there to take her place, she can afford to settle down, raise some children, and eat bon bons all day long. That's what mothers do, right? I am not well versed in the whole motherhood business, but it's kind of like "Married with Children", right? Her model boytoy will take up a job selling shoes while she adopts a bee-hive hairdo and neglects the children. Whatever happens, you can say goodbye to this body. You will not want to see her in a bikini in a couple of months when she starts showing . . . unless you're into that.

1 comment:

Trenting said...

I'm pregnant?!

Yes!!! I've been trying for this for years now!!!

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