Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Eva Long-toe-ria Strikes Back

I'm not into Eva Longoria. I am of the personal belief that if it takes a small army of make-up artists, waxers, and ear plugs to make this woman bearable . . . it's not worth it. She doesn't have that "looks great when she wakes up" look that I am fortunate to wake up next to every morning. But, that said, she is fairly popular, and she is in a bikini showing an awful lot of camel-toe, from the rear. So, it's only post-worthy because of that. This could be some sort of meta-nouveau-marketing strategy for the upcoming season of "Desperate Housewives". And it's sort of working because I've typed the name of that show in this post, which will end up on a search engine somewhere, therefore raising awareness for that dumb-ass soap that airs when good shows should. You've won this round Longoria.

EDIT: Now, with more butt-crack.

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