Monday, August 20, 2007

Musically Inclined Mondays - Junior Senior

How can I properly describe the duo known as "Junior Senior" without sounding like my nose is right up their asses? Ah, fuck it. I love this band. They make music that makes even me, a stalwart non-dancer, shake my "groove thang", to quote the popular youth vernacular. Sure, it might sound a little cheesy from time to time, but it's quality dance music which would be at home at any party or kick-back you're hosting. Your guests will ask you who this is, and those in the know will knowingly nod at you, further cementing your coolness. No need to pay me back for making you the coolest kid on the block. Just keep reading the blog and buy some shit from my sponsors.

Junior Senior - Can I Get Get Get
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

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