Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hayden Panettiere now Legal

The day is upon us. Hayden Panettiere is now of legal age, and therefore it is OK (finally!) to masturbate to her pictures. Well, maybe not the ones that were taken before this week, but you get the idea. Hayden celebrated her 18th birthday the way teenagers should . . . registering to vote?! Umm . . . maybe it's because I wasn't even a resident of this country when I turned 18, but that's not how I would have pictured my 18th birthday party. Knee-deep in pussy is what I would have wanted, but I was in a new town at the time, so that didn't happen. But enough about me. Oh, and check out the old guy that is totally feeling up Hayden in the picture below. He must have been waiting ages to get a little piece of Panettiere-action. Like, since "Racing Stripes".

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