Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anne Hathaway - Best Yacht Passenger Ever

Most of the time, when people find themselves on yachts, they spend their time lounging around, working on their tans, and generally not giving the world anything worthwhile. Anne Hathaway is not like that. And I'm sure she should become a role model for all women everywhere. When you're in a yacht, and you're wearing a hot retro-looking bikini . . . why not blow a guy? Do you know just how much that would help the world . . . or just yacht owners? Whatever the case may be, Anne Hathaway is sure as hell shedding her "Princess Diaries" image with risque (so Frenchy) movie roles and personal displays of affection that involve her mouth and a wanger. I say more power to her. The guy she's fellating though, surely doesn't deserve the attention. Look at that putz. He's on the phone?! Someone needs to prioritize.

One more picture of Anne Hathaway and that bikini, which is looking like it's painted on her. Why can't other Hollywood starlets have the same fashion sense that this chick has.

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