Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kristen Bell Joins "Heroes" Cast

Kristen Bell, formerly of the now defunct UPN/CW television show "Veronica Mars", will be joining the cast of NBC's "Heroes" this fall, and will be in at least 13 episodes. She will have a superpower, and will compete with the barely legal Hayden Panettiere as far as who's hotter in the show. That won't be a storyline in the show, just a competition that happens in my head. The events in this competition? Well, here's a little list that I'm currently working on:

-Whipped Cream Bikini application
-Running down a sandy beach in an ill-put-together bikini
-Cherry stem-tying with tongue
-Nude jumping jacks
-Jello/Mud/oil wrestling

Sure, this will only happen in my head, but with the right amount of imagination, you can also have a spank-fest of ginormous proportions. One more picture of Kristen Bell, in a bikini, for no apparent reason.

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