Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jenna Jameson a Little Early for Halloween

Either Jenna Jameson became the experiment of a psychotic plastic surgeon with Dr. Moreau tendencies, or she is really committing to becoming a duck for Halloween. It could be the latter, but I've never seen anyone commit to a costume so much that they'd go under the knife for it. Once, when I was in elementary school, my Halloween costume was "Army Guy", and I lobbied my father to get me an AK-47 . . . just to take with me. For authenticity. It wouldn't have been loaded, and the bayonet attachment would not have been taken in. Thankfully, they just got me a plastic M-16 that made noise when you pulled the trigger. That's about as much as I've ever been into getting the most authentic Halloween costume. Maybe this is her way for lobbying for an AK-47. I don't know. She just looks bizarre now. I used to masturbate to this woman. Now, my penis shrinks away in fear.

In other old pornstar news, Jenna Jameson somehow got Scarlett Johannson to play her in her bio-pic. I hope they get the guys from ILM to do her latter-years look. Or whomever Eddie Murphy uses to turn himself into fat black men/women.

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