Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TugMO - Blowing Beats Kissing

Wow, this is an interesting video. No sound, but who needs that. Just keep telling yourself it will ruin your concentration. Concentration for what? Ha, you keep that to yourself buddy. I found this over at good ol' YouTube marked down as "Beach Babe Blowjob" and, even though it is deceptively named . . . it doesn't make it any less sexy. I have to say, I do prefer this kind of subtle, unknowingly erotic type of video than something that is overtly, and obviously supposed to entice erections. This is kind of like watching a college volleyball match or the state cheerleading finals on one of those cable channels you never knew you had. Which, gives me an idea. A cable network entirely dedicated to girls, in bikinis, inflating things. Either with good ol' fashioned lips and blowing . . . or with stiff, and hard to work air-pumps that make thier jubblies jiggle. That's something I'd TiVo for sure.

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