Wednesday, November 22, 2006

HDH - Penelope Cruz

I've never really liked Penelope Cruz. Until now that is. I don't know why my I previously had nothing but disdain for the Spanish actress. Maybe it's because her face (at the time) looked extremely chihuahua'ish to me. Or maybe because a certain Tom Cruise pretended to actually be sexually involved with her. The taint of Scientology is deep. But, looking at these pictures from the Pirelli calendar has changed my mind. She looks pretty good in these. And pretty naked, yet tastefully covered. I also like the B&W photos, since it makes everything look so artistic and high-brow (I mean, look at Courtney Love's recent pictures). So, this is why Penelope Cruz is the "Hump Day Hottie" this week. One more picture below.

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