Friday, November 03, 2006

Girl Fight Friday - Nightime Bout

I love it when things like this happen. What I don't love is the picture quality some of these videos have. What they did shoot it with? A Betamax camcorder from 1989? I think I saw better footage shot on "The Blair Witch Project" . . . But, it's still a fight between two chicks, so you kind of deal with the picture quality. Kind of how when you used to try to watch scrambled porn channels on cable.

Not sure if you knew this trick, but back in the day, you would change the channel on the cable box itself. Say Playboy or Spice was on channel 99. The television itself was set to channel 3 at all times. If you changed the channel on the television, then all of the channels would come through all screwy. And most of the time, one channel off. This is when you would tune into channel 98, and while the colors would be off and not look normal, you could make out enough of a picture that you could see the actual sex acts being performed. And every 15-30 seconds (I can't really remember the exact time) the picture would come through perfect before deteriorating again.

So, this is a tip that is useless unless you want to build a time machine and warp back in time to teach your former teenaged self new and inventive ways to score free pornography. So . . . yeah . . . what were we talking about again?

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