Tuesday, November 14, 2006

BAFW TV Sherpa

See what I did there . . . guide replaced with Sherpa . . . man I'm clever. Anyway, here's some stuff I thought of while I was headed home, slapping myself for not including it.

Must Watch

House, M.D. - While "ER" might have the pedigree of being the "better" show and "House" might at times seem too formulaic, it still way funner than "ER" will ever be without lowering itself to "Scrubs" territory (which went from funny to sappy as quick as Zach Braff gets lead roles in romantic dramedies). Hugh Laurie is the cantankerous, vitriolic, and Vicodin-popping anti-hero we all love. Sure, he always ends up doing the right thing, but he goes about it the complete and utter wrong way. The interaction with his medical staff is classic, and even the way he treats his best friend is not only cringe-inducing . . . but side-splitting as well. I love this show.

Weeds - This Showtime comedy is one of the only "sit-coms" I'm currently watching. It's smart, it has foul language and Mary Louise Parker . . . who is definately a MILF. This show about a drug-dealing widower in suburbia left us with a bitch of a cliffhanger, with the drug-dealing mom facing several guns and her son facing the neighborhood tight-ass and a cop with a trunkfull of marijuana. It's a shame that cable shows have such short season runs.

Rescue Me - Dennis Leary is one funny motherfucker. His NYFD series on FX is consistently funny and gripping at the same time, and also left us with a bitch of a cliffhanger (I'm starting to notice a pattern here), with Tommy stuck in his girlfriend's new home while it's burning all around him. Oh yeah, did I mention he was just roofied? Plus, those firehouse guys are all hilarious.

The Office - I was in the "man this show is such a rip-off the original British version" camp for most of the first season. And rightly so. All of the first season was pretty much re-hash of what I had already seen . . . minus the Brit-accents. Now that the show has matured past the adventures of its predecessor and moved on to its own original stories, I can see it blooming into something great. Steve Carrell is funny and while the Dwight character is played a little differently than his British counterpart, he's starting to grow on me. This is the best 180 of the season. I'm hooked.

Might Miss

Dead Like Me - I used to watch this sporadically when it was originally airing on Showtime. Then, it got unceremoniously yanked and landed on SciFi, where they play reruns every week. Edited reruns of what was once a great show. You can still enjoy the diluted fun every week, and Heather does, but me . . . I'd rather watch the unfiltered show.

Six Feet Under - Another show that Heather watches in re-run form, this time on Bravo. She sure does watch a lot of stuff that plays on that channel. Top Chef, the Heidi Klum show, this . . . This has to be one of the better shows that they air . . . but it feels like old news to me. And, again, not everything comes through in the translation from HBO to Bravo. So, I pass on this, and watch it whenever there's nothing on and Heather wants to watch it. Whatev's.

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