Thursday, November 30, 2006

Search Terms - The Keywords to my Success

I wish. While these keywords attract perverts like flies to rotting pork, it still does not make me enough money. But, I continue to do it. Why? I have a soft spot for pervos. Don't get any funny ideas though. That soft spot is nowhere near my crotch. So yeah, here's this week's list.

hermaphrodite ciera - Google Search
"Katharine McPhee"+"butt" - Google Search (I didn't know my readers were into math)
pictures of emma watson in her underwear - MSN Search
gymnast pees - Google Search
jessica alba ass - AltaVista Search
french gymnast peeing - Google Search (what happened to the German delegation?)
"katherine mcphee" juggs - Google Search (what about her liquid-carrying containers?)
portman schoolgirl pic vendetta - Google Search
basic instinct spread legs - Yahoo Search (now you want to see the movie spread its legs?)
lindsay lohan crotch slip - Google Search
katherine mcphee panties - Google Search
Lohan panty-less - Google Search (isn't that just a regular Tuesday?)
britney picking a wedgie - Google Search (was that wedgie on a donut?)
emma watson nip slip - Google Search
howard stern show tina fey transcript - Google Search
peter wentz underwear - Google Search
"linsey lohan" and peek - Yahoo Search
clipping of crossing/uncrossing legs scene of Basic Instinct - Yahoo Search IN
Lindsay Lohan Crotch Shot - Google Search
upskirt pantyless - Google Search
Morgan Webb FHM - Google Search
Mary Louise Parker - BlogSearch
fergie nip slip upskirt - Google Search (the upskirt was the nipslip?)
Katherine McPhee Nude Pics - Yahoo Search
slither nip slip - Google Search
Lindsay lohan's beaver kids choice awards - Google Search (I'm betting it wasn't one of the Angry Beavers)
"Black NASCAR Racer" - Google Search
"linsey lohan" underwear - Google Search (I don't think she owns any)
lindsay lohan nickelodeon - Google Search
"jenny Pee" - Google Search DE
kimberly stewart upskirt - Google Search
bianca gascoigne no pants - Google Search (I'm sure she owns at least a pair)
meryll palmer myspace - Google Search (who?)
reguera see-through - Google Search PR (she's transparent?)
nip slip video - Google Search
videoblog+hot+upskirt - BlogSearch FR
Ana de la Reguera oops - Google Search (and clumsy?)
crotch wmv - BlogSearch
tina fey transcript - Google Search
Pete wentz Cock pictures - Netscape Search
figure skating wedgies pictures - Google Search
britney upskirt pictures - BlogSearch DE (mother of the year)
linsy lohan no underwear picture - Earthlink Search (even the pictures of Lohan are not wearing underwear)
britney spears panty shots - BlogSearch (they go along with the vodka shots she does)
panty paparazzi photos britney crotch - Google Search
rachel bilson "the last kiss" mpg - Google Search
www.totally britney spears pussy shots - Yahoo Search ES (the Spanish get really specific with their searches)
katherine McPhee's sexy stomach - AOL Search (bulimia = sexy abs)
turrets guy video clips - Google Search
britney upskirt picture getting out car - Google Search
uk nip slip - Google Search UK (does that come with a side of fish and chips?)
fergie nipple slips oops shots panty photos - WOW Search (the only wow here is that someone actually wants to see that)
Havoc ann mpeg - Google Search JP
britney spears nude photos apparently panty-less crotch to the paparazzi - Yahoo Search
Search Britney's crotch shots - Google Search (what're you going to find in there anyway?)
britney's crotch shot exposed - Google Search
eva green - BlogSearch
google britney crotch shots - Google Search
"Underworld Evolution sex Scene" - Google Search
lineage2 Hentai - Naver Search
hot emma watson pictures slip - Google Search
spears upskirt car no underwear - Google Search
bianca gascoigne wardrobe malfunction - Google Search UK (I think that wardrobe was functioning pretty well if you ask me)
arabic sex blogurl: - BlogSearch
fergie's crotch shots - Google Search
spears labia - Google Search (more like people want to run a spear through her labia . . . a flesh spear)

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