Friday, October 20, 2006

Tyra Banks = WTF

You will watch this video. It's inevitable. And after you watch this video, you will sit in front of your computer, trying to make sense out of life. Because it is that life-changing. It's like a paradoxical-dichotomy wrapped in a paradigm shift that is sprinkled with a dash of self-realization.

Yes, I know, that's some deep shit. And what is this all about? Vase-fuckin-line. Tyra . . . You've blown my mind once again with your "fierceness".


William said...

Oil prices must be insane for people to get this worked up over a few ounces of petroleum jelly.

Jaime said...

I'm pretty sure that Tyra's insanity is contagious . . . and the CDC needs to know about it. They can use this tape as evidence.

It's only motherfucking vaseline.

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