Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bush Sails the Interweb on the Computerbox

Our president is great. The video above details his prominent knowledge on the internet . . . which starts with him using "the Google" and ends with him looking at his ranch on "Google Earth" or "Google Maps". I'm not sure what he uses because he doesn't even know what he's using. He knows what he doesn't use though . . . e-mail. Our president never e-mails and doesn't receive e-mails. Because he's afraid of what he's going to get. Has this guy ever heard of spam-blockers? Just think about that America. This is who you elected to lead the world's most powerful nation. Someone who doesn't know how to use an e-mail page. Let's just hope he doesn't know how to use the button that launches the "nu-cu-lar" weapons we have.

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