Friday, November 09, 2007

Opening Weekend Movies - 11/09/07

Fred Claus - I guess Vince Vaughn wants to have himself some "Elf" money, just like Will Ferrell. Vince is funny enough, but this movie, which also stars Paul Giamatti, just looks a little dull. And is it me, or is it one month too early for Christmas movies? I know that the retailers are getting a jump on Black Friday this year by having early sales and what-not, but are movies also throwing themselves into the pre-Christmas breech one month too soon? Just out of principle, I'm going to avoid this movie.

Lions for Lambs - Robert Redford directs this movie, starring Meryll Streep and Tom Cruise in a story where lives are intertwined by war. While this might not be my current cup of tea, it does sound somewhat interesting. Something I might want to watch on DVD possibly. It's not getting my entertainment dollar just yet, but I'm going to keep this on the back burner in case I get bored one day and have nothing else to do but kill a couple of hours with a decent DVD.

P2 - While I originally thought that a parking garage horror thriller movie was a bad idea, I read Analog Medium's little write up on the movie, and they seem to be excited about it. I might need to rethink wether or not I want to see this in theaters now. Shit, thanks guys. They did have a point when they said that "The Hills Have Eyes" is a great re-make. Who knows, maybe there is terror to be had in a parking lot. I just hope it doesn't have to do much with keying people's cars. As a victim of such a heinous hate crime, it would hit too close to home.

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