Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Day Again

So, today I started a new job in the same company that I've been working at since February of this year. It was pretty much your standard first day, fill out all of your paperwork and go over everything that you'll be doing at my new position. But, there is a twist. I had gone in for a position called "Credit Card Customer Marketing", which is just a fancy name for credit card sales. I guess there was a big shake up in the call center where we were, and that particular department as of today is being transitioned into a line of business that goes by the name of "Customer Assistance". Now, that might sound like a customer service job, which is what I had just left to take this sales position, mainly for the increase in pay and the commissions. But, as everything was explained to us, it turns out that "Customer Assistance" is just a fancy way of saying collections.

I've had collections experience in the past. And had actually passed up, or rather, snubbed a position that I had off-handedly applied for in that department for the sales job. So, in a way, it's a little ironic. It's like the position was chasing me. It must be destiny. And it's a pretty great position from what I heard today. Lots of opportunity for advancement. Uncapped incentive plans for making more than what my new (and already higher) base pay provides. But, the only downside that I'm seeing here is that, rather than being in an inbound call environment, it's going to be an outbound call environment. At least for the first few months. Then, we can start taking inbound collections calls. Whatever. As long as they're paying me more, I'm totally down.

It did strike me as surprising that about 85% of the class is made up of mortgage people. I did not know just how bad that particular industry was doing so bad that they needed something to supplement their incomes. Something that would potentially be considered a step down from making then ton of commission money that they were used to making. But, they all seemed upbeat about it. Everyone agreed that the prestige that the bank brings with it will help them in the future.

This might hamper my ability to post stuff in the coming weeks during training. I had to shift my schedule from starting no earlier than noon to starting at 8AM during training and then moving to a 9AM - 6PM locked schedule. So, I don't have time to lounge around in the morning, free to post and play videogames while I should be using that time for more productive things . . . like . . . oh I don't know, getting off my lazy ass making a semi-regular trip to the gym. Which I'm still paying for. Fuck I throw money around for no reason sometimes.


Jenn said...

Congrats on the new position! If you happen to come across my name feel free to wipe out my debt, remember we are family! Let me know if you need to SS#

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAha...you wish Jenny Penny

Jaime said...

hmm . . . if you owe money to the bank, I might need to call you to collect on it.

nah, it won't be me, but I can't do anything about what you owe. sorry, I'd get fired if I did something like that.

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