Monday, November 19, 2007

Heidi Klum's Buttcrack

Don't ask me which event Heidi Klum is at when these pictures were taken. That's not the important thing here. Neither is how the hell did Seal manage to bag this supermodel. Let's just put that to rest. Deal with the devil or Jesus's favorite human being. It could go either way. No, what's important, which you will see after you read this and scroll down, is the fact that the fashion competition show judge is wearing a dress that might not pass muster if one of the would-be designer's on "Project Runway" were to have designed it. It does a terrible job of covering up Heidi's buttcrack, but, if you're one of those "glass half full" people, then it does a fantastic job of showing Heidi's asscrack. Even Seal can't believe it, as you can clearly see where his eyes are focusing on.

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