Monday, November 26, 2007

Box Office Report - Enchanted Christmas Nordic Killer Bees

Enchanted - I had not expected this movie to perform quite as well as it did this long holiday weekend, but then again, America has a long track record of proving me wrong . . . also known as disappointing me with it's choices. But, I guess this harmless family-fare is not that offensive to me. I must be getting soft in my advanced age.

This Christmas - Umm . . . all I know about this movie is that it's about Christmas, it revolves around an African-American family, and Chris Brown is in it, most likely doing some singing, or dancing, or a combination of both. It most likely made this kind of money because people that went to see it thought it was another one of those Tyler Perry movies. Sadly for Perry, this movie did not help him become an even more solid household name around the nation.

Beowulf - This movie drops down from the top position to #3, but don't let that make you think that it isn't performing well. This movie is halfway to the 100 million dollar mark on it's 2nd weekend in release, and now, I might finally be able to buy a ticket for this. My previous attempt was thwarted by a full house at the local AMC theaters, but now, I might be able to catch this. Not because of the naked computer generated Angelina Jolie (but it helps), but rather the classic story of a man battling monsters with swords and magical horns. And nakedness.

Hitman - Videogame movie adaptations are usually terrible, and "Hitman" really adheres to that mold. I have not heard anything good about this, and it pisses me off that this movie is in the top five, but the movie that I went to see this past weekend, "The Mist", opened at the number nine spot. What the fuck America. You fucking suck sometimes. I would have been totally OK if both of these movies switched spots on the countdown.

Bee Movie - Jerry Seinfeld's bee inspired computer generated movie keeps pulling in the big bucks, which will most likely lead to more insect-centric comedy for children. This is the only movie in the top five to have gone past the 100 million dollar mark, most likely due to the fact that it really has no competition from the other movie studios as far as CGI ("Beowulf" doesn't count) goes.

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