Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BAFW Vacation 2007 Recap Part II

Monday, Nov 5th - This day started pretty early, at around 6 AM. Not because we had something special planned. No, this was because our internal clocks were still set to wake up at that time so we could get ready to go off to work. We did manage to get ourselves back to sleep for another hour and a half, because at 9 AM we had a Wyndham Vacation Ownership presentation to attend to. They were giving us $100 in chips for the Harrah's and a 2 for 1 buffet special at their buffet place. That, and a free 4 day vacation in 2008, where I'm sure we'll have to attend yet another one of these presentations. But that's the price you have to pay I guess.

That ended at around 11 AM. After that, the only thing on our agenda . . . other than gambling, was at the Mandalay Bay. Heather is crazy about sharks, and they have something there called the "Shark Reef", which is America's only predatory aquarium, or something like that. We headed out there, and got an early lunch before actually going in. Admission was about 30 bucks for the both of us, and we spent nearly an hour and a half in there, taking pictures of sharks, sea turtles, and other marine fauna. It was one of the better things that we did in Las Vegas while we were there, and I wouldn't mind checking it out again sometime in the future.

After that, we headed back to the Grand Desert Resort for some rest and relaxation before we hit the town again. We also realized that we needed groceries, so we ventured out into the not-so-nice areas just east of the strip looking for a grocery store. We found an Albertson's, and bought about 20 bucks worth of food. We had a kitchen, might as well use it. After buying that and getting it back to the resort, we took the shuttle to the Harrah's so we could get some dinner and cash in our $100 in chips that we had gotten at the presentation. We hit up a place called "Ming's Table" for dinner, which was a moderately priced Chinese restaurant. Probably some of the best food we had during our vacation was had here. After that we gambled a little at the Harrah's, walked to the Paris, where Heather discovered that she loved blackjack, and then headed back to the resort to (try) watch a movie. We had brought a couple of DVD's with us, and while we eventually watched "Fido" when we came back from vacation, we fell asleep while watching it the first time. Not because the movie was boring, it's rather good. But because we were pretty freaking exhausted from all the walking around we did that day.

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