Friday, November 23, 2007

Hayden Panettiere Photo/Video Shoot

It's "Black Friday", and I am just waking up from my turkey induced comatose state. So, I should be shopping right? Well, technically . . . yes, but my paycheck doesn't arrive until next Friday. So I'm kinda screwed right now. But, this video of the photoshoot Hayden Panettiere recently did (which I posted some pictures from earlier this week) is making me feel OK about not joining everyone out there getting great deals on flat screen televisions. By the way, 42" 1080p flat screen, any format, would be a great present in case you're thinking about getting anything for BAFW this Christmas. Just putting it out there. Doesn't need to happen. Just in case someone with deep pockets and an appreciation for snarky posts on relatively unknown blogs happens to stumble upon this. Anyway, back to sleep and enjoy the video.

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