Friday, November 16, 2007

Opening Weekend Movies 11/16/07

Beowulf - This movie looks to be pretty good. The performance capture technology used here is a little less creepy than the last time Robert Zemeckis used it, so that's a plus. And there's also naked computer generated Angelina Jolie, which is also a welcome sight. But, the main reason I want to see this movie this weekend is not so much the movie, but rather a trailer for the upcoming J.J. Abrahms monster movie titled "Cloverfield". The studio is attaching that to the movie, and I'm a little psyched to see it. If I go watch this that is. I still have to convince the wife.

Love in the Time of Cholera - A love story, which just screams pondering chick flickedness to me. And yes, that's an actual word I just made up. So it's practically already in the next edition of the Webster's Dictionary. But, is this movie any good? Men with any amount of testosterone left in their bodies will avoid watching this, or might have to sacrifice watching this so they can use it as a bartering chip to watch something else later down the line that their "better half" would not want to go watch. I'm fortunate enough that my better half is not interested in this whatsoever.

Mr. Magorum's Wonder Emporium - What my wife might be interested in seeing this weekend is this movie, which stars Natalie Portman. She's got this weird crush on her, which I can understand. But the movie does not scream out to me as a must see. It does have that guy from "Arrested Development" in it, Jason Bateman, who is always funny, and Dustin Hoffman is in it as well. But I'd rather watch "Beowulf" this weekend. That's my pick.

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