Friday, January 04, 2008

Opening Weekend Movies - 1/04/2008

One Missed Call - I should really re-title this post "Opening Weekend Movie", because "One Missed Call" is really the only brand new movie to open wide this weekend. Sure, "Juno" is finally in wide release, but that movie's been around for at least a month. And you still haven't watched it yet? For shame. As for this movie . . . it's one of those Japanese horror film re-makes that's PG-13 so it can scare the whole family. Nothing really notable other than it marks the return of Shannyn Sossamon to the big screen. I haven't seen her around in too much, and she's a super-hottie that should be getting more work. She's pretty much one of the few reasons I own "A Knight's Tale".

And just because nothing else is happening in this post, here's the trailer for "One Missed Call". Don't let the mouth-eye people get you!

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