Monday, November 17, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Gets Flour'ed

I'm pretty sure Lindsay Lohan is used to her clothes being covered in a white powder, but I'm sure she's never had a bag full of flour dumped on her. You can thank those crazy people over at PETA for this. I guess they're not so hot on Lindsay wearing furs all the time. This incident happened in France, and the PETA guy from Europe (Robbie LeBlanc) had this to say about it:
Lindsay Lohan might be able to ignore images of bloody animals skinned alive for their pelts, but we hope a dash of flour will help her rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all.
Here's the anti-fur crusader who perpetrated the assault on Lohan. She seems to be a little fanatical about PETA's cause, but then again, the world needs more people that can effectively ridicule Hollywood starlets.

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