Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Katy Perry Nip-Slips a Tiny Bit

Katy Perry recently performed in Toronto, with that naked guy I guess, and whoever is dressing her just doesn't realize that those straps on the dress are supposed to keep the dress from falling off. They're not there just for decoration. As a result of that, the minuscule nip-slip happened below. Oh, and there's also a massive upskirt going on in that picture below as well. While you will have to squint really hard to make out the nip-slip, it's not that hard to miss the upskirt. I guess Katy Perry is working overtime to shed her previous Christian-pop persona for an edgy, girl kissing (or at least singing about kissing girls), body part revealing alternative. You know, something the kids of America can follow and look up to. Doing a great job Katy Perry.

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