Thursday, November 06, 2008

The BAFW is In

Hello people. Hope the robo-poster kept you entertained while I was gone on my well deserved vacation. I know I should have started posting new material this past Tuesday, but I was still, technically, vacationing at that time. I wasn't out of town, mind you, I was just sitting around the BAFW HQ, catching up on video games and recorded television. I'm glad to report that since all of that catching up has been taken care off by now, I can devote some time to running BAFW again.

Although, I don't have much of anything to post right now. I did vote this past Tuesday. And wouldn't you know it, my first time and I picked a winner. Won't tell you who it was, since that stuff is supposed to be confidential, but I'm sure there's a pissed off hockey mom and a Vietnam POW out there who might be thinking to themselves: "Where'd that landslide come from?".

In other, non-politics related news, the wife and I have turned vegetarian. We want to hug animals, not fillet them. Vegetables and fruits, watch out, 'cause we're hungry. We don't care about your feelings. Turning vegetarian is more for health reasons really, rather than not wanting to eat cute animals. But wouldn't you know it, as soon as we become vegetarians, I get an e-mail from an uncle of mine that lives in Illinois inviting us to go hunting with him with an attached picture of a dead dear hanging from a crane.

We had to pass on the invite. Anyway, I'm off to getting ready to get to work. See ya suckers later.

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