Monday, February 02, 2009

Star Trek Super Bowl Ad

What kind of geek would I be if I didn't post the "Star Trek" Super Bowl ad that ran during said sporting event (that yes, I watched . . . for the most part). It's mostly footage that we've already seen in other trailers and TV spots, but damn does it look good. My wife isn't convinced that this movie will be any good. But, I keep showing her these videos, and slowly she might be going from "I'm sure as hell not going to watch that with you, ever!" to "fine, I'll go if you want me to go, but I won't enjoy it". I know that once I get her in the theater, J.J. Abrams will knock her (and the rest of the audience) on her ass with some sweet Star Trek action. Check out this TV spot and go to for more Super Bowl ads. If you're into commercialism and the such.

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