Thursday, February 05, 2009

Christian Bale Loses his Cool on Terminator Set

If you hadn't heard yet, thespian Christian Bale, kinda went nuts during the filming of "Terminator: Salvation". Something went wrong during a scene where the director of photography for the movie, Shane Hurlbut, accidentally (allegedly) strayed into a scene. And then, this happened (link courtesy of TMZ). To tell you the truth, sure, he over-reacted, but he's a human being. Everyone at one point in their lives says (or in Bale's case, screams) something that they instantly regret. I'm sure Bale, in the heat of the moment, wasn't thinking that he had a microphone trained on him and that this outburst would get out into the internets. And furthermore, what's the DP doing in the shot while they're rolling film? I wasn't there, it's very likely that you weren't either, so I'm going to reserve judgment on this. It could have happened to anyone. His indignation might have been righteous. Either way, he's a terrific actor and the movie looks to be pretty good, in spite of emotional and profanity-laced outbursts.


Braulio said...

thats funny stuff. maybe he'd been working long hours all week.. who knows? sucks to be recorded when u flip out.

Jaime said...

What's more interesting is the amount of media coverage this has gotten last week. Seriously, it's just a guy who happens to be an actor flipping out. It's happened before. It'll happen again.

I kinda feel bad for Bale though. He's been apologizing for this for the better part of the week as well.

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