Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Newest Transformers Trailer

I did not go see the newest "Friday the 13th" movie which had this trailer running prior to it, so I had to wait until yesterday to check it out over at the Yahoo! movies website. And now, YouTube has it. And not just a handycam version of it. The trailer is a series of money shots that doesn't really give me much as far as what the movie will be about. But it also tells me that the movie is going to have some impressive visuals. That, and did the Decepticons get bigger? I'm getting a larger sense of scale from the images in this trailer. In any case, I guess we'll all find out later this year when the movie hits theaters. Until then, check out the trailer. I mean not all the time. I don't want you just sitting here and watching the video over and over again. That would be stupid.

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