Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pussycat Doll Slips a Nip

I guess the Pussycat Dolls still have a career that involves singing in front of large audiences. I had totally forgotten about them for a long time, but I guess when one of them slips pretty much her whole boob, it's something to take notice off. Nicole Scherzinger can be seen in the picture above (for as long as Photobucket will allow it to be seen) having a pretty blatant wardrobe malfunction. And, there's even a video on Youtube. Embedding has been disabled by request of whomever uploaded it, but you can check it out here. It's a little on the blurry side, but you can make it out the incident happening around 2:15 - 2:25. That's pretty much all I can do to show you folks what happened. If Photobucket takes down the picture (like they most always do), you still have the video on Youtube . . . until that's taken down. Too many nipple-Nazi's out there.

**Shout out to for showing me what everyone was looking for on the interwebs recently. And for watermarking the only picture I could find of this.

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