Sunday, February 08, 2009

Observe and Report on this Red Band Trailer

I know there's a certain "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" movie out there that might have ruined the whole "mall security guard" comedy sub-genre. I haven't watched it, but I heard it was terrible. His name rhymes with fart? No wonder it stinks. If you still have faith in the humor that comes from your mall security staff, then "Observe and Report" is the movie for you. And it's so bad ass, that the studio decided to put out a red band trailer for it. I could have sent you to the movie's webpage, but you have to go through some ridiculous age verification process. But Youtube didn't seem to have this problem. So kids, get your watching eyes ready. This movie has the great Seth Rogen in it. Anna Faris is playing "the hot girl" and even Ray Liotta is in it. Check out the trailer, and get ready to revisit the mall on April 10th.

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