Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Search Terms - The May Motherload

This month's search terms haul was not accidentally deleted by someone. Which is good, because it makes it a little bit longer than April's results. What we've got here is the usual string of depravity with a couple of actually interesting searches peppered in there. Like "Vince Vaugh intestines". I have the movie "The Cell", so I know what they look like. There are also other searches in there indicating that people out there actually read this blog, and put the effort to look for it using search engines. Searches like "bloggedjamie.blogspot.com" and "BAFW" make me wonder . . . do I have a fan base? Probably not, but that would be cool.

paul de leeuw - BlogSearch NL
tv upskirt - BlogSearch ZA
"brooke hogan nip" - Google Search
"mariah carrey" - Google Search FR
upskirt - BlogSearch FR
club dread unrated - Naver Search
katharine mcphee ass rack "katharine mcphee's butt" - Google Search
attack of the show where to find marijuana in jamaica olivia munn - Google Search
alex McCord - BlogLines Search
nip slip - Ask.Com Search
malaysian sexblog - Yahoo Search
Nicole Scherzinger Nip Slip - Yahoo Search
crotch shot - MSN Search DK
girls not yet legal - AOL Search
vince vaughn intestines - Yahoo Search
Deception 2008 + rmvb hugh jackman - Google Search AU
emma watson+pussy slip site:blogspot.com - Google Search
brooke hogan - Google Search TR
Linsey Lohans MUFF - Yahoo Search
"emma watson nipple" - Yahoo Search
intercourse - MSN Search
confused puppy look - AOL Search
Emma Watson nude - BlogSearch
Hayden Panettiere - BlogSearch
kim kardashian nudepictures - Yahoo Search
ashely tisdale nude - MSN Search
olivia munn nude - AIM AOL Search
nude +tween - MSN Search
kim ryder topless - Yahoo Search UK
pics of lindsay lohans fire crouch - Yahoo Search
lily allen beavershot - Yahoo Search FR
lilly allen without nickers - Google Search NL
pussycat dolls upskirt - Yahoo Search
animated upskirts - AOL Search
fake nude olsen - MSN Search
amateur public sideboobs - Google Search DE
candid waterpark+brazil - AltaVista Search
ashley tisdale naked - MSN Search
Lily Allen pantyless upskirt in cannes - Yahoo Search DE
Kim Kardashian sex - MSN Search
rape mpegs site:*.blogspot.* - Google Search PT
"highway" "flashed her ass" - Google Search
how to pose for nude pictures - MSN Search
"emma watson's feet" - Google Search PH
upshorts - AOL Search
Lily Allen upskirt - Google Search AT
"hayden panettiere rape" - Google Search TR
Megan Fox WWTD.com - Google Search
Brooke Hogan Nip Slip - Ask.Com Search
"her landing strip" - MetaCrawler Search
utube upskirt - Ask.Com Search
Olsen Twin Upskirt Pussy Photos - MSN Search
carrot top biceps - Yahoo Search
kelly brook topless - Yahoo Search UK
lilly allen no knickers - Google Search UK
ladies peeing toilet, video clips - Google Search FI
cleavage - MSN Search
runway models nipple slip - Yahoo Search FR
amy smart - Google Search
Hayden Panettiere bikini - Google Search UK
pussy%20SLIP - MSN Search
blogs hitachi magic - Google Search BE
bloggedjamie.blogspot.com - Google Search CA
lindsay lohan - BlogSearch
samantha ronson - BlogSearch
kim kardashian - BlogSearch PH
lohan ronson - BlogSearch
miley Cyrus - BlogSearch
BAFW - Google Search CA
Emma Watson panties - Naver Search
emma watson nipslip - Yahoo Search JP
ASHLEY OLSEN nude - AOL Search
death wish 2, rape scene - AOL Search
kate bosworth nude - AOL Search
victoria%20beckham%20naked - MSN Search
nipslip return of the jedi - AlltheWeb Search
"anne hathaway" havoc masturbate - Yahoo Search
kardashian ass - BlogSearch
Hermione "peed her pants" - Google Search
beaver shots - Google Search CA
hayden ass - MSN Search
Brooke Hogan Nip Slip - Ask.Com Search
Kim kardashian + trunk - BlogSearch
topless girl fight - Google Search UK
boobs - BlogDigger Search
triple kiss - Google Search


I'm a fan!!11oneone said...

But I'm not one of those people who did a search on your blog.

Carry on, mofo. XD

Jaime said...

Hey, you can join the "BAFW Fan Club" . All we need is your undying soul and some paperwork that needs to be filled. Easy as pie.

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