Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pamela Anderson Upskirts - What Else Were you Expecting?

It's tough to "wow" a crowd when you're Pamela Anderson. I mean, if you see her anywhere, you're almost guaranteed to see something inappropriate, no matter where the location is. You might be in the waiting room for the dentist, and she strolls in, fully clothed, and by the time you get out of there, you've somehow contracted Hep-C or some weird Anderson-ailment. Hmm . . . maybe that wasn't the best analogy ever, but you get my point. Wherever Anderson goes, her cooch is sure to appear to you and most likely will get all up in your grill. Thankfully (in my opinion at least), this time it was clothed. But that dress she's wearing is fucking built for upskirts. Why else would it be cinched up front like that? Ladies? Any insight into this? Do I even have female readers? Maybe if I posted more wang-age. I've gone on a tangent again, right? Here are the rest of the pictures. It's hard to keep focused when you're being assaulted by almost-elderly vaginas sometimes. I hope you appreciate the effort and sacrifice I put into this.

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