Thursday, May 01, 2008

Amy Smart Almost Topless for Crank Sequel

"Crank" was a great movie. Fun-filled action that never let up until the end, when Jason Statham's character croaked. So, it only makes sense that there would be a "Crank" sequel, still starring Jason Statham and Amy Smart . . . What? He died in the last movie, right? In any case, logic placed aside, if the "Crank" sequel requires a scene with Amy Smart in nothing other than underwear bottoms and tape over her nipples . . . then I'm in. I don't care what crazy plot device they use to make us forget about the death of the main character in both films. Oh, and I'd also like to mention that I hate the guy who has the job of applying the nipple-tape on Amy Smart. What a bastard. Did he need to get a degree for that? He's just a lucky production assistant. I guess it eventually pays off. All that coffee and snacks fetching was for something. OK, I don't hate him. It's all envy.

One more picture below, this one has some camel-toe action. And more Jason Statham. For the ladies.

Thanks to Egotastic for finding these pictures . . . and watermarking them, forcing me to do the right thing and link back to them. More pictures available there by the way. Check them out. It's OK that they're Canadian. That's like our 51st state, right?

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Canadian Touque Dude said...

Canada rocks my socks EH.

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